Sucking the marrow out of life
My name is Eric Northman.
That's Sheriff Northman to you. I'm Sheriff of Area 5 of Shreveport, New Orleans, and owner of the Club Fangtasia, in which you can always have a good time.
Whatever you think you have lived through, I had, because I'm older than I care to count.
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Facing The Truth // Eric & Jason

A whole week had gone by since the night that Eric had fucked Jason, and the same amount of time since he had done everything in his power to avoid him. He filled the man’s schedule with a lot of muscle work during the day, to which he knew he had no problem with, then during the night, he not only gave him the VIP spot (although all clients had the warning not to not touch), but also a couple of hours behind the bar; and even if Eric went out of his way not to be near him, he couldn’t help the wandering eye that someimes gazed at Jason, or what he was doing. Of course, Pamela’s yapping would do wonders to cool him off, and for that he was thankful. 

At the end of that week, on Friday evening, he was summoned to a meeting at the King’s place, fact that he hated more than anything, because to his knowledge the King of Louisiana was a bratt prick that only got lucky by landing the job. He had to sit there through he didn’t even know how long, listening to that douchebag talking about all the sheriff duties for the next month and so on and so forth, until it was finally over. He even patted Bill’s shoulder and told him that he should apply for that job soon, and they both got a good laugh about that. At that point, Eric found it easier to be around Bill, which was odd to say the least.

He made it back to the Club, but then the urge to stay outside was stronger, especially when he noticed the lights on inside Jason’s trailer. He frowned, wondering why would he be there, giving that only Eric was allowed in, so that meant that Jason was there. He stopped on his tracks and turned around, deciding effectively that he needed a walk in the woods right about now. He walked further in, heading towards the pond that was nearby, and from where you could have a clear view of the sky and the moon above.

Mar '13 [38]

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